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[ mood | crappy ]

Another day, another update.

Finding out new features for the PSP every day.
1. You can start a movie, then stop it, play some games, then when you want to watch the movie again, just pop it in, and it starts right where you left it. Sadly it can only store one movie at a time, so if you change movies, your saved spot is gone.

2. You can turn on the PSP with the supplied remote. Sweet. And it instantly goes to your music. You can't turn it off with the remote though...


In other news, I beat Advent Rising. I love that game.

Still gotta go through StarOcean: Till the End of Time. I'll do that now. Laterz.



[ mood | Yay! ]

Alright, so. An update.

Advent Rising has come out, and so far, it is a sweet game! Sadly, my Xbox is busted, so I have to use my brothers. Lame.

Advent Rising is number 1 in a trilogy of games, written by Orson Scott Card. So.. this game is gonna be awesome. Google it for more info.

Other updates: I got StarOcean: Till the End of Time. It's awesome. I loved the first one, but this one is so much more fun.

Also, I FINALLY got an USB cable for my PSP that worked. Sadly, I need a larger Memory Stick Duo. 30 MB doesn't hold much.

The game Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is very fun and quite addicting. It's very Diabloish, with Dark Alliance hacking slashem.

Anyways, I need more people to join. 1 isn't that much. Haha. Thanks for joining Brie!

3 -Gamed


Alright. As the first post of this... well, second. As the second post of this community, I will say:

I just got a PSP. It is awesome. Now.. all I need is a DS. Okay.. that is all. Back to work Minions. If I had minions. Somebody needs to join here.

Welcome Startup! [Thu-6-2-2005]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Alright. Well, this will be the first post. This community is for geeks everywhere to share what they like. We'll talk about gaming, rping, anime, movies, music, ideas, friends, and gadgets! So.. I hope that I actually get some members here. Right now, the community is going to be a little lame, as it is just starting out, but I hope that it will get better! Alright.



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