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Alright, so. An update.

Advent Rising has come out, and so far, it is a sweet game! Sadly, my Xbox is busted, so I have to use my brothers. Lame.

Advent Rising is number 1 in a trilogy of games, written by Orson Scott Card. So.. this game is gonna be awesome. Google it for more info.

Other updates: I got StarOcean: Till the End of Time. It's awesome. I loved the first one, but this one is so much more fun.

Also, I FINALLY got an USB cable for my PSP that worked. Sadly, I need a larger Memory Stick Duo. 30 MB doesn't hold much.

The game Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is very fun and quite addicting. It's very Diabloish, with Dark Alliance hacking slashem.

Anyways, I need more people to join. 1 isn't that much. Haha. Thanks for joining Brie!
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